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Patreonlogo For Videos 2 by Daniel-Loya-III

hello, guys! just to let you all know if you didn't or not that I am on Patreon!

I have been putting out content very frequently there I have been trying to gain and audience but it is rather hard and takes time so in the meantime I will just work hard to build that audience with what I have always been doing which is making art and youtube and staying very active on social media [concerning my art] as much as I can!. :heart: 

I just want to give you guys a little back story about what I do and how I was like when I was a child, I am what I consider myself to be is a varied surrealist I create abstract works sci-fi works fantasy type works all sorts of styles mixed taken and added to make something originally inspired and new, I have been crafting my style for a very long time I basically started when I was a boy I never could stop, I started creating cars, robots, predator, dinosaurs stuff like that but the thing that I always like to do when I was a boy is make up my own things instead of using references, boy i do wish I had all of those drawings that I did back in the day but unfortunately I was the type to draw on the walls and I would also put my car drawings and things on my walls so eventually everything got thrown away :(.

so yeah just a little back story about myself and my art, I have been on Patreon not for a very long time but a while now, as I mentioned one of my goals is to work very hard creating youtube videos and of course art [and social media stuff] and my artwork is starting to change very drastically [for the best] :).

if you are curious about Patreon here is a link to a video that will tell you everything about it or! if you want to be on Patreon yourself :) have a look...

so if you are interested in pledging to my work or just curious for yourself about this site and how you can make a living creating what you love,

you can find out by checking this link to Patreon

if you would like to support me and what I do check out my page with this link

Patreon is also about giving out to you guys that support what I do for instance:

some of my pledges are that I will do a commission and send it straight to your home,
or sending you guys prints and!! a commissioned artwork straight to your home!. there are manny more goodies on my pledges as well. 

So come on by! and don't forget to follow or just say hi I would love to see you there :) :heart:


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 10, 2017, 11:05 PM
FEATURED ARTIST :iconkaitlynthecreative: Kaitlynthecreative!!!! GO and check her out!, you will not be disappointed :) :) :heart::heart:

Kates work is truly one of a kind, there is no one I MEAN NO ONE like her here on Deviant Art!,,:) her creations express an originality that is very much well worth seeing if you are interested in artwork like hers, I have always looked forward to what she will share with us next she is an inspiration to me and I hope she is to you as well!, you go get em Kate!! :highfive:

flower boy by Kaitlynthecreativelink! by Kaitlynthecreativeanother redraw by Kaitlynthecreative
maisy baby by Kaitlynthecreative it him by Kaitlynthecreative monkey by Kaitlynthecreative
PCE by Kaitlynthecreativeroob by Kaitlynthecreative

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Patreonlogo For Videos 2 by Daniel-Loya-III


                                                                                                 I am on Patreon!

if you are curious and want to check out my patreon page I got some real cool stuff on there like digital files sent straight to your email or I will which I have never done this before but on one of my pledges I added a personal commission so what that means is that I will paint with oil digitally paint or draw a personal commission of whatever you want me to do just for you!!..

if you guys are interested or just wanna check it out, by all means, do I would greatly appreciate your support!! or! if you have any questions about my pledges or anything just send me a message on patreon.

soo thank you guys for checking out this journal and thank you all soo much for the continued support whether it be here on deviant art facebook where ever thank you guys so much!

have a fantastic day!

here is the link
Patreonlogo For Videos 2 by Daniel-Loya-III
hey guys!! now is the time I do this!!!

I have been an artist all my life and now it is time!!

I want to thank you guys ahead of time for taking the time to give my patreon page a look! I am new to it and I am sure I will improve on it in the future but for now, my page is this way [link below].

soo yeah!! I have been wanting to do this for some time now and I am soo glad I had started it haha but yeah! go and check it out!!

and please let me know if there is anything that I am missing on my page like I said I am very new :).
11 years i have been a deviant and it was that many years ago when i uploaded my very first deviation called myself

myself by Daniel-Loya-III
I have come such a long way and back then i was sooo curious about what i could do i was a beginner just like you guys!! and you know what i will never forget that i was it was the time when i decided to never give up and never stop creating!!

and eventually i never stopped learning and i just kept improving my craft and now!! i do digital paintings graphite drawings and oil paintings!!!

and today was the first day that i got my very first daily deviation!! i was shocked!! i woke up and i said what!!? why am i getting soo many comments and favs!! haha!! and i happened to see comments congratulating me on my daily deviation!! haha!! i was super shocked!!!

thank you everyone for enjoying [Portrait Of A Delusionist]

[Portrait Of A Delusionist] by Daniel-Loya-III

Hello!! as you have notice a went back to my original idea of this.. [Vision Of A Light Absoarbiss] by Daniel-Loya-III

and i have alot of files of my idea that i was working on then sooo i thought what am i going to do with this...Sinoid Project4 by Daniel-Loya-III

sooo i thought it would be a great idea for you guys to build upon this idea i had soooo yeah!! what would you do with this image??what would you name it??

its all up to you!! all i ask if you are willing to give it a shot is let me know if you want to do this and also make sure if you finish your creation send me a link and i will gladly feature it in this journal!!..

and most of all your idea has to build upon this photo and this photo alone!! sooo yeah!!! what are you waiting for!!! what would you have done!!!



 Lets add a twist!!!! why dont well all collab together!!! and what i mean by that is look under the comment section of this journal and participate with another deviant by asking them to build upon the idea THAT YOU CAME UP WITH!! here are the rules

1. you can only participate with one other deviant
2.make sure that they are willing to collab with you if they choose not to its okay:) (Smile)
3.make sure to look in THIS COMMENT SECTION UNDER THIS JOURNAL TO find another deviant to work with..have a conversation about your ideas!! its okay!!:) (Smile)
4. once you find someone to work with DO what ever YOU guys do to come up with your ideas!
5 its okay if you feel discouraged if you dont want to collab with another deviant you dont have to your choices are very much accepted here..if you only want to come up with your own version without working with another deviant thats A OK you can do that as well!!
6. if you find a partner type 123 in the comment section below this journal that way i know that you have:) (Smile)!!
7. when you finish your collab with your buddy make sure you upload it to your gallerys or wherever and make sure you include the buddy you worked with in the decrpition on your uploads.!!
8 just send me a link with your finished creations and i will gladly feature everything i receive in this journal!!!
9.remember that you can only participate with one other deviant and that includes me as well..



if you think i should add more rules that will better suit this group collab please let me know!!!

I wonder.. are my eyes as dead as your heart? by blindRika
Collab with daniel-loya-III by 13cupcakes


featured Artist feralfungus!!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2015, 2:03 AM
Check out his absolutely beautiful gallery!!!


Organic Construct #15 by FeralFungus

Perigenesis by FeralFungus

Resonance Core 2 by FeralFungus

Tangibility by FeralFungus

Somatosis by FeralFungus



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I was wondering if many of my fellow deviants would recreate  [She is apart of me Face] by Daniel-Loya-III..I still haven't forgotten about featuring all of everyone's wonderful creations from the collab!..and im going to wait a little bit more longer until i do!!. id just thought id let yall know!!..woooohooo!!

MANNN i just got done moving and every thing is going just fine and i havent worked sooo hard in a long time!!...

i still have more work to do too but im pretty much getting there and id tell you that I AM NOT in a creative mood 

right now and i dont know when i am going to start creating again and i would like to say that i have a felling that

i will be creating again soon but i really dont know and i have to adjust my self and it just feels like its going to be a while

but really im not sure.. I got my drawing desk set up but right now and at this moment i just remembered that i need to put

my tools in itahhhhhhhaaaaaaa.....

welp yeah..

i hope this made some sort of sense...have a good one

[Zipped Face] by Daniel-Loya-III  And okay...i have to say that this creation that i did is really attracting me and i feel the need to completely finish this one as i did [She is apart of me i think this would be a great learning experience..
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[Zipped Face] by Daniel-Loya-III[Zipped face [Wind tunnel Face] by Daniel-Loya-III[Wind tunnel Face] [She is apart of me Face] by Daniel-Loya-III[She is apart of me Face]

im going to start by say that i am very satisfied with "She is apart of me Face"
and i am pretty sure when i was creating it that i had a set goal to explore this subject 
i did use references for these three creations and i used them only for the jawline
and lips and noses of each reference and i have learned that creating the basic form of a face is very simple for me
if i use simple shapes so i will be doing a "self taught refresher exercises" to help me learn alot more quicker

but for now im going to finish she is apart of me face completely in my sketch book like i said i have a set goal on it and visually 
its stuck in my head to see the vision through so i pretty much know what i would like to do with it..

and also i have to say that these exercises are helping me very well and honestly i have never wanted to completely fill my
sketch book with drawings like this before and i am vey satisfied with what i am learning....

when i first started my sketches originally i wanted to just draw one  because my desk was put up and we are moving soon
but i got my self inspired from the first one and then i also got inspired from deviant art from my good buddy thedreadfulpencil.deviantart.c… and just on a side note he is an amazing artist and i am sooo much very i mean VERY ADDICTED to his creations!!and he is sooo worth checking out..!!...but yeah back to the beginning of my first sketch and i think it shows that i was very much going to draw this and only this for the first sketch and when i look at the first one.......well...I NEED TO TAKE AN ART CLASS i mean my personality literally shows that i was only in the mood to just draw this one little thing.....okay okay...i know it doesnt look all like that but i know myself and i can tell with every stroke with my pencil
what i am gong through...ANYWAYS..haha..

the dreadful pencil mentioned that my pencil work showed confidence and that is what got me going and then i started to do two a day and i really lost count and i have a good amount completed but like i said i am gong to completely finish She is apart of me and then from there i will recreate it on bigger paper ya know etc etc and if i fall head over hills with it i was put my other creations...
[Abstraction Phycosi] by Daniel-Loya-IIITechno spectrum 2 AND<da:thumb id="497992757"/>on hold until i satisfy my self with she is apart of me..

but who really knows!!!....

Welp i hope this made some sort of sense and i guess look forward to she is apart of me being done in my sketch book and then i will just go from there


and yes its called she is apart of me now NOO FACE!!! HAHAHAH..thanks for reading my nonsense..bye
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its getting into the deep zone on my faces project..../learning/study/.....basically learning new things....really...
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ahhhhhhhhhh......I will be moving into another place soon....uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa.....
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okay....I need to take breaks from creating mind needs to rest from all of the visual information I put my mind through I just really need to chill and relax sometimes...JUst FYI..

Ill never quit drawing I never have and never will I just got to CHILL!! sometimes..
I have a question...does anyone know how to improve picture quality when taking photos of art ? right now I was taught to go outside and take the picture but when I doo when it shows up on the camera it looks pretty bad..and its not the settings  of the camera or at least I think soo..

any tips?? or should I google it or you tube?? anything right now will really help me..

ps.. I cant use a scanner cause my papers are too big..
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I don't have anywhere elso to put this.....

  • Listening to: wolves in the throne room demos
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  • Watching: machinima live with inside gaming
  • Playing: alien isolation
  • Eating: jelly sandwich
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  • Listening to: suffocation cataclysmic purification
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  • Listening to: suffocation cataclysmic purification
  • Watching: my ps3 play to the music
robot by Daniel-Loya-III when I drew this I was in a halfway house and I was struggling with my job and my boss helped me to get there to the hallway house and before that I was living on the streets but the inspiration when I drew this was the experiences that I had there...there was this guy and I guess he liked me (but I kept telling him that I wasn't gay but he kept insisting) which really bothered me until I gave in (and yeah im that vulnerable) and one thing let to another and I drove myself crazy there!! and I also remember that I wanted to make some people that I didn't even know dinner but no one came..and im not going to go into great detail but that's why I call this robot..

confused queen by Daniel-Loya-III this one is called confused queen and the gist of this is about my grandma when I was living with her she was very verbally abusive and she always kept yelling that she was done raising boys I already had seven and all of the time she would be at me and at me sitting on here chair just yelling nonsense and she would drive me insane and I couldn't really reason with her she was very irrational and she would repeatedly mentally break me and all I had was the garage where I could draw and I would cry myself to sleep multiple nights on and on and so forth .....

:thumb46600909: this one is very dear to me and as usual when you have an ex she doesn't want to have nothing to do with you no more but that's life...anyways I think I was about sixteen and I went to a madd or mothers against drunk driving thing for a boys and girls club trip and I knew this girl and I have had a crush on her for a long time until I went on that trip with her and I was you know a classic boy trying to impress a girl type of thing but I remember after that once we were finally going out we fooled around a lot at her house and sometimes she would come over to my place but I would go to hers more and there was many times when we were fooling around that we would almost get caught by her dad and I do know now that he knew what we were doing ...but besides that out of the blue I just called her up and told her that we shouldn't be dating any more and that was it...and I don't blame her at all I know what I did...

:thumb173499262: this one is pure bliss for me I have always loved to whole idea of a queen when I was young I used to have dreams about them and every little detail that I could think of felt soo good to me its absolutely amazing to imagine such passion for things like that and it feels so great like have armor on your face and on the back that's just weightless and feels soo real that I will not leave it alone and at the moment I have plans for just that I am going to created another version but bigger this time and more of a portrait at the side of an angle..

Insert Title [here] by Daniel-Loya-III this reminds me of freedom when I was creating it I decided to add shapes and to tell you the truth shapes make me feel free and as a kid I loved to draw cubes soo much I thought it was fascinating and the mass reminds me of light hearted expressions and this was when I moved from dallas to elpaso and my life felt completely different and I was very proud of myself for being consistent or even trying to get better with the daily usual life skills and I honestly think that this is  the happiest piece that I have done

Mature Content

[untitled] by Daniel-Loya-III
this  I take inspiration from pure beauty and it is a figure drawing without a reference its all from my brain..anyways when I created this I was very fixated on beauty and a type of beauty that is of fusion and what I mean by that is imagine if you were jacked into the matrix(yes the matrix) and you see a female body and you could fuse it to such craftsmanship that it presses very button that makes you feel good and once done you can put a program to it and see it turn to life..

insert title (here) edited by Daniel-Loya-III when I drew this I was very frustrated and this one is pretty recent...when I draw what looks like stretching it always makes me feel better about what ever it was that I was frustrated about ive noticed from viewers telling me is that it is of an erotic sensual expression ive learned that because to me I looks beautiful and I put two n two together and most of the time when I draw stuff like that it always is different so their is always an alteration to the expression at the time and less frustration for me to look at is always better(:

[Inviting A Friendly Soul To My Palace] by Daniel-Loya-III and finally ive always wanted to know what it would be like to invite someone to my world and I know its in there and im not at a level of clarity or fidelity of my work yet but I will always look to the future but as an artist to another that lives through that blackness of a dream and into another world wouldnt you ever wounder what it would be like to invite someone in??
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Well its been a while since i submitted a journal alright lets get to it.

as most of yall noticed i have just started to catch up with my hobbie and ive noticed that most of my watchers are all offline nowadays but thats ok.

im also trying to teach myself patience when i create because with me that is much needed i dont know if anyone has noticed but my art is sloppy i know i may be wrong for saying that but i really need to not do that. i need to create an image that i can be proud of because i enjoy it in what i do as my style and ive learned to explore what i can do and i seem to have a thing for shapes and another thing I really REALLY love portrait drawings i mean that is just soo kool to me but i will need alot of time to want to learn how to do portraits there just something that ive always thought was kool.

well anyways i dont have much to say so ill end it here bye yall!! 
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here is my art on face book…

and here is my face book…
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hello everyone not many freinds of mine are on anymore but the ones that are on i really enjoy greatly but since i am not on very often for the reason of having no internet and just now going to an auction for evergreen prespertiran ministeries hoping that i would get noticed in the metroplex area of my state is a very and i mean positive acheievemnt for my work as an artist so that i can display my work in a exibit is also the most warm feeling thing to me
to all artists out there it is a very great thing to be noticed for real live creatures to see your work it can change your life forever and if it was ever possible for everyone to create something in there hearts to change there own lives forever
i am greatly excited


to serve the dev art community with my work.

ive noticed my style has changed greatly and ive gained inspiration from alot of artists on the site and noticed that others do the same and join this site